Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Exposed Aggregate Concrete is the first finished concrete product on the list that uses a different aggregate than that of Slick Troweled or Broom Finished.
The reason is that the aggregate is revealed or ‘exposed’ through a multi step process that removes the cement or ‘paste’ from the exposed surface area.
The Slick Trowel Concrete and Broom Finished Concrete utilize limestone whereas Exposed Aggregate Concrete offers plenty of river stone options.
Using a smaller, rounder stone one can find colors ranging from blues, to browns, to reds and greens. The concrete is placed or poured and finished very similar to the already mentioned.
Then a retarding chemical is used on the surface of the concrete which is intended to be exposed.
Usually left overnight, the surface of the concrete is washed with water to remove the cement paste on the surface the following day. With the assistance of low pressure washer and soft bristle scrub broom
The rest of the concrete is fine as the retarding agent is not deep penetrating and it only affects the upper surface
The removal of the cement paste reveals all the beautiful aggregates that otherwise would be hidden in a typical concrete project
The benefits of Exposed Aggregates is the pure beauty, uniqueness and elegance of the finished concrete project
The pitfall is that one wants to be careful with the size aggregate they chose.
The smaller the better because the larger the stone the more space in between the stones for dirt and debris to collect, making furniture harder to move along with walking in formal wear more difficult.

which one is best for you?
Here Are some critical Questions For ALL Concrete Projects

  • At first glance concrete appears to be like all other concrete, you now know that is far from the case.
  • While concrete does have many similar characteristics at first glance, concrete is quite the beast.
  • Humidity, ground conditions, temperature, length of time the concrete was inside the concrete truck.
  • How long to get the concrete on the ground and more are all factors in the results of your concrete.

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