Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete Arizona Flagstone Stamped Concrete Commercial Outdoor Patio
Stamped Concrete can be finished to mimic stone, brick, wood and many other materials.
A variety of colors that can be placed into the concrete as dyes and pigments along with the release agents that assist the stamps from not sticking to the concrete. (Just like flour when making biscuits)
The process for finishing Stamped Concrete is very similar to what we already learned.
If there is to be a color in the concrete itself it will be added at the concrete plant or on the job site.
The concrete will also contain a smaller aggregate to ensure uniform consistency throughout the stamp and allow for the aggregate to not be pushed too far below the surface by the stamp.
The concrete will be hand worked by a finisher as before and then the stamping will take place.
Very large and heavy rubber mats with the stamped concrete texture or stamped concrete pattern you chose will be placed in a pattern after the release (flour) has been spread across the surface area.
The stamping takes place and the molded textures create the desired effect in the surface of the concrete. The stamps are removed one at a time and placed in a new location to continue stamping the surface of the concrete.
This process continues until the entire surface has been stamped properly
Then, depending upon numerous factors related to timing –
Control joints are saw cut into the surface of the concrete patio and then power washed to remove any extra release agent from the surface of the concrete before concrete sealer can be applied after allowed to dry.
The pitfalls of Stamped Concrete is high cost from requiring the most materials and labor. Stamped Concrete needs sealing more frequently than the concrete finishes mentioned earlier in this article to protect coloring.
The benefits Is Stamped Concrete is stunning.
Stamped Concrete works great around pools, outdoor kitchens and patios, wineries – heck you name it really. There is a multitude of choices across the board that will suit your needs and tastes

which one is best for you?
Here Are some critical Questions For ALL Concrete Projects

  • At first glance concrete appears to be like all other concrete, you now know that is far from the case.
  • While concrete does have many similar characteristics at first glance, concrete is quite the beast.
  • Humidity, ground conditions, temperature, length of time the concrete was inside the concrete truck.
  • How long to get the concrete on the ground and more are all factors in the results of your concrete.

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